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Silver Price Today In India– The silver rate today in India is about is ₹70.90/- per gram and Rs. 70,900.00/- 1kg silver.

In India, the price of silver is influenced by various factors, including international market trends, currency exchange rates, import duties, and local demand-supply dynamics. As of today, the price of silver in India is Rs.70,900 per kilogram.

Today Silver Price Per Gram/Kg in India (INR)

Unit (Gram)Silver Rate TodaySilver Rate Yesterday
1 Gram Silver Price₹ 70.90₹ 70.90
10 Gram Silver Price₹ 709.00₹ 709.00
100 Gram Silver Price₹ 7,090.00₹ 7,090.00
500 Gram Silver Price₹ 35,450.00₹ 35,450.00
1kg Silver Price₹ 70,900.00₹ 70,900.00

Local demand for silver jewelry, utensils, and silverware also contributes to the price dynamics within India. Traditionally, silver has been a preferred metal for adornment and investment purposes, and demand tends to increase during festive seasons, weddings, and religious ceremonies.

Last Month Price of Silver Rate

Silver Price Movement in May 2023

  • 1st May Silver rate Rs.76,000
  • 31st May rate of silver Rs.76,800

Silver Price Movement in April 2023

  • 1st April silver rate Rs.74,500
  • 30th April silver rate in india Rs.76,200

Silver Price Movement in March 2023

  • 1st March rate Rs.66,800
  • 31st March rate Rs.74,000

As with any commodity, the price of silver in India is subject to market forces and can experience fluctuations over time. It is important for individuals interested in silver to stay informed about market trends, monitor international prices, and consider various factors before making investment decisions.

Silver Rate in India for Last 10 Days

Date1gram Silver Rate1kg Silver Rate
27th june  
26th june  
25th of june  
25th june  
24th june  
26th of june  
23rd june  
22nd june  
27th of june  
21st june  

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